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We can prevent costly problems such as pinhole leaks, corrosion, and scale buildup within your hotel or apartment complex.

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Standard 60 guidelines

Questionnaire for water related problems

Water Questionnaire
1. Do you have copper pin hole leaks?
2. Do you have low water pressure?
3. Do you have build-up in boilers and hot water heaters?
4. Do you get more leaks in hot water pipes than in other areas?
5. Have your bill increased over the years?
6. Do your shower heads clog up or get eaten away by corrosion?
7. Do ice machines require extra maintenance due to build-up?
8. Do toilet water lines clog up or cause hang ups?
9. Do faucets corrode quickly and do handles build up with hard corrosion?
10. Do you have spotting on glassware & silverware from dirty dishwashers?
11. Do you have "graying" of whites in your laundry?
12. Are you getting red water or oxidation in water lines?
13. Do you have a problem opening & closing valves?
14. Can you see green build-up on pipes in urinals from copper leaching?
15. Do you have electrolysis from connecting different pipes?
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