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We can prevent costly problems such as pinhole leaks, corrosion, and scale buildup within your hotel or apartment complex.

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Florida Corrosion Control has the solution

Are pinhole leaks and copper corrosion in your facility absorbing your maintenance budget? Florida Corrosion Control has a single cost effective solution for preventing pinhole leaks, scale buildup, and copper corrosion that even extends the life of your water pipe system.

Severe corrorosion on copper water pipe

Is your hotel using valuable maintenance hours and $$$ losing money $$$ because rooms and facilities are unavailable? Our expert engineers will inject a safe but powerful water treatment compound into your domestic water line. Our product lays an impervious microscopic film on all metals isolating the water from the pipe — stopping pinhole leaks, corrosion, scale build-up, and preventing oxidation of metals.

Hotels and apartment complexes are filled with hundreds of vulnerable copper water pipes

In many cases, our water treatment process will eliminate the need for water softeners. Water softeners remove the alkalinity from the water, which is the buffering capacity of water. Once alkalinity is removed, the water becomes very aggressive and corrosive to the piping system.

Ultimately, Florida Corrosion Control can prevent these costly problems in your hotel such as pinhole leaks, corrosion, and scale buildup. Contact us today and we will be glad to go over custom solutions and services to solve your specific needs.

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